Custom Direct Mail Lists

Dallas Custom Mail Lists from All American Press


When working with direct mail, it is important that you have an adequate mailing list. The key to any marketing objective is to reach the right people in the right way. What better way to achieve this than to ensure that you have the right mailing list that suits your needs? Relying on your past customer database or picking up a phone simply isn’t enough.

Many business often find that their current mailing lists are inadequate. Sending your marketing material to the wrong prospects will be a waste of valuable resources. You can maximize the results of your direct mail marketing campaign with our fast database processing. For example, you are a toy store owner that would like to announce the grand opening of your store in the metropolitan DC area. You will want to appeal not only to children, but also to the parents of children in the area. We can help get your information in their hands.

We can provide you with information so that you can single out your ideal prospects without having to waste time and paper. There are many other types of prospects that you may want to target as a business owner. We can get you up to date lists on college graduates, pet owners and even residents with particular credit scores.

If your aiming to target business prospects we can help with that too. Business mailing lists are important if you are aiming for top business executives for the sale of your products and services. Your business mailing lists should include every possible prospect in your area to make your direct mail marketing campaign worthwhile. We can offer you a way to optimize your mailing list whether you are targeting consumers or business executives. With our diligent hardworking team you will have the information you need right on time.