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Coloring books are a favourite rainy-day activity for kids and grownups alike.

dantdm pictures dantdm new hair color! he just mixed blue and pink hair

If you are a school teacher or just a busy parent, Thanksgiving color pages can be a lifesaver when you are looking for a way to keep your child occupied for a certain period of time. You can find holiday pages in many places on the Internet that are free for download directly to your printer. Do you want some suggestions for web sites that you can go to so you can find Thanksgiving color pages? Well, I think I can help you. As a school teacher, I am quite familiar with many places that have free printables. Here are some of my most favorite sites. The best part about Thanksgiving coloring pages and other holiday coloring pages is that not only can they be colored and displayed, but they can also serve as templates for other crafts. If you are looking for a picture of a pilgrim to make a craft from, look for Thanksgiving pages and use the picture as a guide.

And more often than not children want to watch TV or play games on the computer whenever there seems to be nothing else to do. Think about this, how often do you see children running around while playing outside? These days the answer is seldom to never are children playing outside. And there are many reasons for this too, it's often times just too dangerous for kids to play outside unattended. Believe it or not, there is now a way for children to create their very own iron-on transfers with some new technology that has been developed. The Magic Color Page is transfer paper that has been specially developed for kids. They can draw on this transfer paper just as if they were creating their own picture in a coloring book.