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Now go to the option Print in the File Menu and command 'Print'.

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How many times have you simply sat there and ”goofed off” coloring for about an hour when you had the free time to do this? If you have just sat there and really, really enjoyed just sitting there coloring for a little while you most certainly are not alone in this. There are so many adults that look for printable coloring pages for themselves as well as for their kids or the kids that they know.

So now to answer the how. And trust me; it's not as far-fetched as you may think. While the Internet is a fantastic place to watch videos, keep in touch with old friends, listen to new music, network, or participate in any number of other legal or otherwise illegal activities, it is an even better when utilized as a parental resource centre. And this is where our free colouring pages come in. How many times have you wished you had something new and handy to entertain you kids while you try to (insert any chore here) do the dishes, laundry, vacuum, etc... It takes you time to make time to spend that time. What a complete waste of time! The solution you ask? Open a webpage, Google a search, print off your find, and you're done. Your children will be more then occupied for the remainder of the time you need! The beauty of the Internet is in the resources it holds; every time, you can find something new. Are your children tired of drawing sea creatures? Print off farm animals. Are they not interested in drawing? Then print them out some word puzzles such as jumbles or crosswords. The point is, parents should look beyond the obvious functions the Internet provides and start using the web as the tool it can be in order to maximize their time. In truth, the vastness of the Internet and the multitude of resources available can be the true time-saver for parents.